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BeaverCraft Tools are made in Ukraine, a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. We are proud to have customers all over the world. For the past three years, we have been wearing the badge of Bestseller on Amazon. We’re happy to share the passion for wood carving further and further.

BeaverCraft just got Brand New Kit with which you will be able to carve a Comfort Bird. You’re getting all the tools needed as well as step-by-step guide. Have you ever heard about comfort bird? Those lovely birdies bring comfort to people who are anxious or have been through trauma, who are ... 

Carve a Dala Horse in a few days with BeaverCraft DIY02 Dala Horse Kit. Our all-in-one kit includes everything you need to carve a dala horse. Everything is included in the box. Everything is explained in the most detailed way. You can reach the manufacturer with any questions you have.

One more all-in-one kit from BeaverCraft. This time you’ll learn to carve a wizard. Wizard wood carving project is the right one to go with if you just make your first steps in the world of wood carving. Razor sharp whittling knife comes with all necessary supplies to start carving a wizard right away.

Love Spoons are a wonderful style of wood carving that began in the mid-1600s as a courtship gift. Young men were creating such spoons to show love to the intended bride. The intricacies and themes carved on the spoon’s handle had symbolic meanings. Today the giving of Love Spoons has been expanded to...

At BeaverCraft we manufacture a wide range of high-quality tools:
spoon carving knives, chip carving knives, whittling knives, compact chisels, full-size chisels, palm chisels, etc.
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